Behind Cancer Campaign

Anal cancer is rare; it affects less than 1,100 people each year in the UK and affects slightly more women than it does men. If caught early this cancer responds well to treatment but unfortunately the early symptoms are often confused and it can be misdiagnosed. When a member of our family was diagnosed with anal cancer we were frustrated by the limited awareness of the disease and also the embarrassment and even stigma surrounding the illness.
We hope that this site will encourage people to talk about anal cancer although it is not designed to provide medical advice.

2013 Calendar

Behind Cancer Campaign 2013 Calendar to raise awareness of Anal Cancer

Back in 2011 when this site was first conceived we created a calendar to raise funds and awareness for this worthy cause.

We are very excited to report that we have now created a 2013 calendar. You can get the calendar via our GET THE CALENDAR link.

If you would like any further information about the calendar then please drop us a line.